BiDi 100Mbit optical transceiver

These SFP optics communicate over one single strand of fiber where most of communication is done over pairs of fiber. This can be done because they use two different wavelengths for both the directions: Most commonly used are 1550nm and 1310nm where one side is for upload and the other side is for download - Hence the naming ‘BX-D’ and ‘BX-U’. On one side you will have a transceiver which will send with 1550nm and receive in 1310nm, and vice versa – on the other side which will be sending 1310 light out and receiving the 1550nm. On the label you will find the Transmitting light color and the receiving (e.g. 1310Tx/1310Rx).

BiDi optics are used most and developed for fiber-to-the-home. Much of the time just one single fiber is brought to the home and not a fiber pair. A CPE or fiber router will be placed at the home which will send and receive the data to a router. In the case of Cisco, the cards WS-X4248-FE-SFP are commonly used.

Solid Optics can provide different types of the 100mbit BiDi transceivers. We can supply longer distance versions like 40km, 80km, 120km and 150km. Furthermore, we can supply them in different wavelength combinations like 1310Tx 1490Rx. All optics have standard DOM or DDM function built in - With this you can verify the temperature, current, incoming light power, and outgoing light power.

Our most popular products in this category are GLC-FE-100BX-U and GLC-FE-100BX-D for Cisco and SFP-100-BX-D and SFP-100-BX-U for Alcatel.