BiDi 10G optical transceiver

These optical transceivers communicate using only one fiber, where traditional communication is with two lines of fiber. To achieve this they use two different wavelengths (colors). For the 10G, these are the 1270nm/1330nm combination. On one side you will have the transceiver which is sending out the 1330nm light and receives the 1270nm light - the other side has the mirror image so the optic will send 1270nm light and receives 1310nm light. The main advantage with these optics is that you can double your speed over a traditional optical fiber pair. You can also build a redundancy over a fiber pair if you use both the fibers with 10G. These 10G Bidi’s can also be used in a CWDM project when you use a MUX with a 1310nm wideband port.

These optics are not in the portfolio of the bigger router and switch manufacturers like Cisco/Juniper and Huawei. Because they are so specialized, only companies whose sole focus is optical transceivers supply them. These optics are available in SFP+/SFP10G and in XFP form factors. The basic version can do 20km and there are 40km and 60km models as well. Versions above this are not on the market. The 80km version does not exist because it operates at lower band which has more attenuation then the traditional 1550 band.

Solid Optics offers a wide variety of these optics and carries them in stock. We can make these optics compatible to different brands like Cisco, Juniper, HP, Huawei and many more.

You can also use these in Fiberchannel and STM projects as well.