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FTTH/Bidi Video Tutorials

Solid Optics Tutorial - CWDM BiDi Project

This video explains how you can make your own CWDM BiDi setup and how it works.

Solid Optics Tutorial - CWDM BiDi Communication

This video explains WDM communication over a single strand of fiber.

Solid Optics Tutorial - CWDM BiDi Demonstration

This video will give a demonstration of a CWDM Bidi over one single fiber.

General information about FTTH/Bidi

Now that fiber is seen more and more at points where copper was previously the standard, even consumers have fiber in their home. By splitting or multiplexing a signal or using BiDi transceivers, telecom providers are now able to supply high speed internet to the premises for low pricing. This is called Fiber to the home. (FTTx)

  • FTTN: Fiber to the node/neighourhood
  • FTTC: Fiber to the curb
  • FTTB: Fiber to the building
  • FTTO: Fiber to the office
  • FTTU: Fiber to the user

Popular optics for FTTx are BiDi’s. Solid Optics has a large stock of 100Mbit BiDi’s. (Also 10G) These optics are capable of distances up to 150km.  BiDi’s normally come in pairs; an upstream and a downstream. Upstream transmits on, for example 1310nm and receives 1550nm, where downstream transmits 1550nm and receives 1310nm.

Fiber to the home usually only requires one side, as the customer-premises equipment usually already has the other side built-in. This made the CSFP (Compact Small Form-factor Pluggable) popular. This is two times a BiDi in one SFP. CSFPs are cost-effective cause you can double the amount of subscribers ‘attached’ to a switch.

Picture of xfp cwdm optical transceiver

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