CSFP Optical Transceivers

CSFP stands for "compact small form-factor pluggable" and is also referred to as double Bidi or dual-channel Bidi. CSFP is a recent technology which began being used in networks in 2012.

Standard Bidi's like the GLC-BX-D and GLC-BX-U have one LC simplex connector where 1G of traffic is transferred over one single strand of fiber. The part name for the Cisco CSFP is GLC-2BX-D. These optics have two LC connectors, each of which can handle 1G of traffic, thus the name “dual channel”.

For fiber-to-the-home it’s important to reach ultra-high density per rack unit, which means more GIG connections per blade. The CSFP has two individual Gig optics inside of one SFP housing, so you can reach around 80Gig connection on one blade. It is important to note that not every switch or router can use this technique.  The most popular blade for Cisco is the WS-C4640-CSFP.

Solid optics keeps the GLC-BX-D/U in stock, which come standard with 1490nm Tx and 1310nm Rx and can transmit up to 10km. We can also offer them in different wavelengths or longer distances. The optics are individually tested on a Cisco 4640-CSFP card to test the compatibility with traffic.

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