DWDM SFP Transceivers

DWDM SFPs' are based on the SFP form factor which is an MSA standard build. The maximum speed of these products is 1.25G and they are also available as 2.5G, 4G and of course the popular 10G DWDM SFP+.

These optics are mostly deployed in 1G DWDM Ethernet solutions, but can also be deployed as 1x Fiber channel. The DWDM SFP has a specific tuned laser which emits a “color” which is defined in the DWDM ITU grid. There are different DWDM ITU grids and the 100GHz C-Band is the most used in the telecom industry. This has a spacing of 0.8nm and is around 1550nm. The colors or wavelength are named in channels and channel 17 to 61 is commonly used.  We can also provide 50GHz optics which have a spacing of 0.4nm and other spectrum bands. 

Solid optics uses the channel in the naming convention which is the most convenient for our customers e.g. SFP-DWDM33-32dB. Our standard DWDM SFP has 32dB power budget, this used by most of our customers and this is what we keep in stock. We can also supply them in 24dB and 37dB version. All DWDM optics come with DOM/DDM which stands for Digital optical monitoring or Digital Diagnostic Monitoring which will enable you to measure in real time, the temperature, Voltage, Tx laser output and Rx laser input.

Solid Optics can make the SFP DWDM compatible with every brand. A lot of brands have vendor locking and only with the proper coding. Solid optics is specialized in this rebranding or recoding. We have more than 20 different Switches and Routers in our test lab to test the coding. Brands like Cisco, HP, H3C, Juniper, Huawei, Brocade and Arista. Please ask us for more information on compatibility, we can also provide you with our Multi-Fiber-Tool to re-code your optics on site.

The DWDM SFP is a dense tuned laser, because temperature is changing the wavelength the electronic cooling of these lasers is very important. The quality of the SFP DWDM is primarily determined by optical components. Solid Optics only works with Japanese Laser manufacturers which have proven to be the most reliable over the years.  Furthermore the optics are individually tested for hardware compatibility, color stability of the laser where we use different Optical Spectrum Analyzers to ensure the optic is emitting the right color. We also put traffic through the optics for 15 minutes with 32dB of attenuation to meet our strict quality standards. In the last step of our quality test we take pictures of the lenses to detect and prevent dust and scratches from causing communication malfunctions.

There is no Tunable version of this product on the market, this because of declining demand. The demand for the 10G and higher speeds is increasing.

These optics are used most of the time in passive dark fiber projects. We are specialized in advising and designing dark fiber rings and stretches. We also have large variety of passive DWDM muxes in our range. Please provide us your project details and so we can offer you the right solution.

Please contact us for pricing, possibilities, test reports and more information about the DWDM SFP.