Fibre Channel Transceivers

Fibre Channel is a protocol which is used primarily in "Storage Area Networks". It comes in different speeds like 1xFC, 2xFC, 4xFC, 8xFC and 16xFC.

Fibre Channel was developed as a lossless protocol in a time when switches were less reliable than they are today. When using Ethernet as a protocol, frames were dropped, which created a problem for applications like data traffic. With the advent of greater technology, switches are now much more reliable, however, Fibre Channel still holds a small advantage over Ethernet when it comes to consistency and latency.

Even though Ethernet is the most used protocol, most datacenters still use the Fibre Channel protocol for their Storage Area Networks. The protocol is still used in over $50 billion worth of equipment. Most hardware manufacturers still produce Fibre Channel equipment. Optics are recognized by specific prefixes. The Cisco product line for the Fibre channel is the MDS DS-C9000, where the DS-C9020 does up to 4xFC, the MDS-C9148 does up to 8x Fibre Channel. The naming of the Cisco Fibre Channel optics are DS-SFP-FC-2G-LW and DS-SFP-FC-4G-SW for example.

Solid Optics has a large range of Fibre Channel Switches at our test lab where the optics are tested on compatibility and their other specifications.

In this short video we show you how we prove compatibility of the pluggable transceiver on the Brocade 300 and the Brocade 6505. We can offer these optics in different speeds and WDM techniques like CWDM and DWDM.

Brocade is the market leader in the Fibre channel market. Other brands like HP, EMC and IBM use Brocade switches for their Fibre Channel applications. They simply rebrand these switches.

The Brocade 300 for example is exactly the same as the HP StorageWorks 8/8. The latest generation of Brocade can do up to 16xFibre Channel. The naming of the Brocade Fibre Channel Optics are:

XBR-000147-SO (8G FC SFP for multimode fiber)

XBR-000153-SO (8G FC SFP for singlemode fiber)

XBR-000192-SO (16G FC SFP for multimode fiber)

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