Solid Optics Video Tutorials

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Multiplexers Tutorial 01 - SO-CWDM-MUX-18CH+MON

This movie will describe how to patch the CWDM 18CH MUX. The outside of the mux has Tx and Rx labels.

Multiplexers Tutorial 02 - network with 8ch CWDM multiplexer

This movie will explain how you can build a simple network with 8CH CWDM Multiplexers.

Solid Optics Tutorial 06 - Basic CWDM DWDM setup

This video give you a brief explaination of how to setup a network with cwdm/dwdm muxes.

Solid Optics Tutorial 07 - 10 must knows about cwdm

The CWDM technique combines different light sources (colors) using a passive mux over dark fiber to another location (data center). This allows you to increase bandwidth over by sending multiple data streams over your dark fiber lines.