Quality and Warranty

Our quality control procedures are unparalleled in the industry

We set ourselves apart by investing in highly trained technical staff and state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure that our customers receive superior quality optics.

As proof of our commitment to quality, we provide unique test reports by serial number for every 10Gig optic we ship. Each unit is individually tested with a full 10Gig of traffic on the equipment for which it is intended. For CWDM & DWDM, all optics are tested with our Optical Spectrum Analyzer to ensure precise calibration.

Our Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Every optic we ship is fully guaranteed for compatibility and operability.

Our quality control procedures are designed to ensure virtually zero chance of failure in your network. However, should you experience any problem with one of our optics, our technicians will work to timely resolve the matter, or issue an advanced replacement unit if necessary. We will send an advanced replacement to keep your network running smoothly and coordinate the return thereafter, so you will not lose valuable time waiting for the original optic to be received by us.

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Our process in the laboratory


We check for compatibility in our test-center for all major brands.

Full traffic test

All optics are tested on full 1G or 10G to ensure quality and distance.

Laser color

For all CWDM and DWDM optics we ensure the channels are precisely calibrated.

EEPROM and label contents

We make sure the right naming is on the label and inside the optic.

Lens inspection and cleaning

Lenses of high-end optics are inspected and cleaned if necessary.

The risks of using low quality, untested optics.

Picture of optical transceivers
More than ever before we have seen a significant increase in the number of vendors selling "lower quality" optics.

We've heard many stories of quality issues from new clients approaching Solid Optics for optical networking solutions and problems with third-party transceivers being supplied with inferior "low quality" components.

The optical transceiver market is being flooded with cheaper, low quality products from vendors. The main reason for this is the availability of lower quality lasers and receivers which are the key components in optical transceivers. Many of these “pioneering start-up” transceiver manufacturers design their own circuit boards and manufacture their own transceivers for resale, albeit at considerable risk of failure or outright incompatibility with their end-user's products. Using substandard components and technology, these start-ups are able to "buy into" the market by pushing their products at near cost price. Most of the time, these companies survive only a couple of years and leave a trail of substandard products in the field and the stories of failing systems we hear so often.

Quality & Reliability

Most of Solid Optics new business comes from our reputation for quality and reliability. We are proud of our sterling reputation in the market and would never consider taking risks by using low quality components. We have extensive knowledge and years of industry experience to make sure we only deliver the highest quality products and service. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty, and because we test every single optic individually at our test labs in the Netherlands and the US, we can be certain that every product we sell meets our own exact standards.

For both high-end and lower specification projects, we source our products from all over the world including American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies. Wherever we source the products, we test everything in-house and take full responsibility for the quality we ship out.

To successfully analyze the quality of an optical transceiver you need extensive knowledge of the PCB (printed circuit board), the components on the PCB, as well as the TOSA (transceiver part) and ROSA (receiver part). In the case of DWDM technique, the TOSA represents 70% of the quality equation, so it is critical these components are of the highest standard.

Solid Optics only works with TOSA suppliers that have a proven track-record of reliability. If a TOSA component only shifts 0.2nm it can lead to a malfunction in the whole DWDM line. We analyze TOSA components in our test lab to determine the “age” of individual optics, and can get a sense for how many lower-end DWDM TOSA parts there are on the market and how fast they degrade. We stand by the quality of products we manufacture and sell, which is why every single component is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. For this reason, Solid Optics is unique to the industry.