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Solid Optics Compatible DWDM-MUX-96CH-50Ghz


96ch DWDM MUX+DEMUX, CH17.5 - CH65, C-band 50GHz , LC, A-Thermal, max 4.5dB Att. Average 3.5dB Att. 2U 19” casing. Watch video

Form Factor : MUX
Solid Optics Part # : SO-DWDM-MUX-96CH-50GHZ
Compatibility : Solid Optics compatible
Wavelength : CH17.5 - CH65
Connector : LC
Individually Tested : Yes
Lifetime Warranty : Yes
Fiber Type : Single Mode
Mux type : DWDM
Mux channel : 96ch


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  The MUX/DEMUX are deployed for "Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing" (DWDM). The MUX device is passive and comes as 2RU 19" device. The device comes with LC connectors. 

Product Features

  Speed 1G / 10G / 40G / 100GBASE

CH17.5, CH18, CH18.5, CH19, CH19.5, CH20, CH20.5, CH21, CH21.5, CH22, CH22.5, CH23, CH23.5, CH24, CH24.5, CH25, CH25.5, CH26, CH26.5, CH27, CH27.5, CH28, CH28.5, CH29, CH29.5, CH30, CH30.5, CH31, CH31.5, CH32, CH32.5, CH33, CH33.5, CH34, CH34.5, CH35, CH35.5, CH36, CH36.5, CH37, CH37.5, CH38, CH38.5, CH39, CH39.5, CH40, CH40.5, CH41, CH41.5, CH42, CH42.5, CH43, CH43.5, CH44, CH44.5, CH45, CH45.5, CH46, CH46.5, CH47, CH47.5, CH48, CH48.5, CH49, CH49.5, CH50, CH50.5, CH51, CH51.5, CH52, CH52.5, CH53, CH53.5, CH54, CH54.5, CH55, CH55.5, CH56, CH56.5, CH57, CH57.5, CH58, CH58.5, CH59, CH59.5, CH60, CH60.5, CH61, CH61.5, CH62, CH62.5, CH63, CH63.5, CH64, CH64.5, CH65


19” Rack

2RU high

Comes with Rackmounts

Operating Temperature -10°C to +65 °C

Comes standards with LC duplex connectors (other connectors are available on request)

  Distance Depending on the powerbudget of the used optic
1G up to 150km
10G up to 80km
  Dom N/A

  Product Features  
  Parameter Specification  
  Channel Spacing
  Operation Wavelength Range
  Channel Center Wavelength (CWL)
0,025 average 0,05nm max
UPG Center Wavelength
Channel Insertion Loss (with connector)
Extra Insertion Loss Monitor Port
  Adjacent Channel Isolation
  Non-adjacent Channel Isolation
  UPG port Isolation
  Return Loss @ CWL
  Operating Temperature default
-20 to +70 degrees C (optional -40 to +85)  
  Storage Temperature -40 to +85 degrees C  
  Connector Type
 LC/UPC standard other on request  

The process in the laboratory

1. We test every mux individually in our test-center.
2. With every mux we will measure the light through every port to ensure the quality and distance.
3. Every port of the mux will be viewed with our camera to ensure clean lenses.
4. When the mux is all cleaned and tested we print our testreport with it.
5. We seal and ship the mux with a testreport and a guide to clean te lenses.

Labeling and Packaging

\"\" Packaging
All our optical modules are packed in antistatic packaging material to ensure the quality. We ship with UPS and Fedex from our warehouses in the EU and US. Because of our big shipping volume we can offer shipping within the EU and US for free!.
Free shipment within EU and US.

\"\" Labeling
All packaging will contain a packaging manifest with your order number and all the packed items. This is for customs and also for your warehouse personel to book the items in.

\"\" Documentation and Test Report
All our optics are individually tested, these testreports are stored in our testingdatabase. On request we can send this to you via email or print this out and ship with the order.

Documentation and Info


Here you can find additional information about this product. Please contact us if you need additional information about this product or compatibility. We are happy to help you out.